How to Prepare Your Online Business for the Holidays

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Here is our Quick Holiday Checklist

to make sure you are getting the most out of

your online business this holiday season

1) Prepare your website

User experience is Google’s primary focus going into 2019 and it should be yours too.

Be easily accessible. Make sure it’s easy for visitors on your website to find information and ask questions. You can use technologies like CHAT BOTS to instantly let customers find that information they are looking for. Keep your phone number displayed where it is easy to find and you can also use interactive tools like ONLINE BOOKING to let customers book appointments right there while they are on your site, that way it saves the hassle of waiting on the phone.

Update your shipping information. The closer it gets to the holiday the more anxious customers get, wondering if they place an order now will it show up in time. Give your customers peace of mind by letting them know when they can expect their items to be delivered.

Optimize your site for mobile. Mobile shopping is on the rise, especially during the holidays as curious shoppers bounce from store to store, always quickly comparing other prices online before they make that purchase.

2) Create your campaigns

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays it’s good to remind your customers about the upcoming events and promotions you have going on.

Email campaigns. If you haven’t been sending emails to all of those leads that you’ve captured now is definitely the time! Coupons and discounts are a great tool to help attain customers and the holidays are arguably one of the few times a year when consumers actually look for and enjoy getting them. There are plenty of email platforms out there to help you manage your campaigns and some are for little or no cost. If you’re new to this, sites like Mailchimp and Constant Contact are a great place to start.

Social media campaigns. If you don’t use a SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CALENDAR for the holiday months you will want to. Social media platforms are a great cost-effective way to let your audience know what’s going on during the holidays. This is a great way to let them know about special events and promotions.

Update your SEO. Make sure your new customers can find you on the web. Give your website an SEO CHECK-UP and you can also use things like blogs as an opportunity to create engaging content and boost your SEO.

3) Share something

As the saying goes sharing is caring. It also happens to play a big part in converting those unsure visitors into paying customers.

Share your credibility. Testimonials, years of experience, customer satisfaction, awards and certifications all help build credibility with your visitors and the more comfortable they are while visiting your website the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Share some information. Give your visitors something to leave your site with so they remember you. If you’re a restaurant maybe you have an EMAIL CAPTURE on your site that says sign up for a free recipe every month. If you’re a salon maybe you have a hairstyle or product of the month and so on. This keeps you on the top of your customer’s mind and it gives you something else to send them besides coupon after coupon to help prevent advertising fatigue.

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