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Updated: Nov 8, 2018

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Skin Solutions, a Knoxville CoolSculpting and Laser Med Spa came to us with a few goals in mind. They wanted to update their logo and branding (the brand was previously Aesthetic Skin Solutions), increase traffic to their website, and increase their social media presence.


Social Media: To increase Skin Solutions social media presence we combined our client’s love of lifestyle photography with campaigns that were targeted at branding their new logo and the various services they offer. We created campaigns based around two parameters: Increasing interaction across social media channels and increasing social media followers. The first thing we changed was the aesthetic of their social media. Opting for an aesthetic that was lighter in color because those have been proven to have higher rates of interaction via social media channels. We also narrowed down days/times to optimize Skin Solutions social media posting which lead to an increase in user interaction across all of their social media channels. Additionally we focused campaigns to feature shareable content so we could reach more social media users.

Branding: Skin Solutions original brand was Aesthetic Skin Solutions. Our client wanted to modernize their brand so we ultimately decided to drop the word aesthetic. We did this for a couple of reasons but the primary two were that the word itself (in the way it was created in the original design) was long and created obstacles when laying out the logo in various configurations and the second reason is everyone felt that Skin Solutions was more appealing and marketable. For this we updated their logo, commissioned a new store frontage sign, and updated all branding including business and referral cards.

Web traffic: Skin Solutions came to us with the goal of increasing traffic to their website. Their website was currently not being managed. So we took over the management with two goals in mind. The first goal was to provide monthly updates to the events page to give users a reason to return to the website each month to see which new rewards or incentives were waiting for them. The second was, after collaborating with Skin Solutions, we decided to add a product of the month to their products page to add more content to the website on a monthly basis. We also pointed both their Instagram and Facebook feeds to the events page on the website.

Because of just those few changes in Skin Solutions overall branding and digital marketing efforts, we were able to generate over 80% new visitors to their website and increased their social media engagements by over 150% month over month and an increased following of over 40% in the first two months alone. If you are at a sticking point with your digital marketing or social media branding let Scarsella Group help you. We work with each of our clients on an individual basis. We get to know you and your business so that we can become an extension of your team.

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