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Cheese Platters and More came to us wanting a website that was professional and cost effective. They were a brand new small business in Seattle so they were very budget conscious.


We opted for a four page website. This allowed for us to include a home page, menu page, catering page, and a contact page. We also SEO, browser, and mobile optimized their website for them at no additional cost. This is something that comes standard with all of our custom websites that we create.

For the home page we wanted to convey in a snap shot the intricacies of the Cheese Platters and More business. We made sure that a user friendly experience was achieved by utilizing a scrolling home page. Working off of the words Taste, Create, Play we were able to showcase at a glance the restaurant and everything that it encompasses. We also opted to use actual photos of the restaurant and tapas plates they offered. Lastly to tie the website together and again create a user friendly experience we linked the menu page, catering page, and contact page to the homepage through various buttons in the taste, create, play sections, along with a static menu bar in the header.

We really felt with the name Cheese Platters and More we wanted to convey what our clients restaurant would be like for potential customers. We did this by featuring a seasonal menu page to help give a potential customer an idea of what kind of offerings to expect. The menu page features a sample menu and prices that showcases our clients love of using local, fresh, and seasonal items. We also wanted to ensure that customers knew they could call ahead for to-go orders. So to create a user friendly experience, that was also easy to use for the owner, we put the phone number of Cheese Platters and More at the top of the menu page along with other various places throughout the site including the footer for easy accessibility.

For the catering portion of our clients business we wanted to showcase their uniqueness and that they could cater more than Cheese Platters. We did this by creating a catering menu. The menu showcases the variety of items that can be ordered and customized.

We opted to include a lead capture in the form of a contact form as well as a mailing list opt-in in the footer to allow our client to capture potential customer’s emails to ensure that the user could input their email information at any point throughout the website. This would enable our client to utilize email marketing and re-marketing campaigns.

Part of creating a user friendly site is ensuring that there are as few clicks as possible to capture a lead. Our client has received over 30 email captures in first 3 months since their website was live, and that’s with NO digital marketing at all! That was solely from our custom SEO optimization. In the first 3 months of our their website being live from the online catering portion our client has received over 15 times their initial website investment in catering inquiries alone! There is no doubt that creating a customized, user friendly website helped Cheese Platters & More to capture another whole entire side of the restaurant and catering business in online ordering.

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